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We are building surveyors with over 20 years’ practice in the field of surveying, building defects, property maintenance and asset management. If you require an immigration property inspection that is undertaken efficiently from an expert that you can trust, we are here to help you. Our knowledge and understanding of properties is exhaustive – our trusted surveyors can assist you if you need assistance with dilapidations, party wall surveys, energy performance certificates and aerial drone surveys. Get in touch for more details if you are looking for an expert immigration property inspection.

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Immigration property inspections in London and South East England. MA Property Surveys.

Accommodation Inspection Reports

When a person from outside the European Economic Community (EEC) is hoping to settle in the United Kingdom, they will need to prove that they are moving into a property that is suitable, safe and secure. The Home Office will ask for demonstrable proof that the property is appropriate, and the only way you will be able to provide that proof is with an immigration property inspection report. Our independent surveyors have decades of experience and are in the best position to help you with one of our trusted accommodation inspection reports. 

Immigration property inspections in London and South East England. Party wall surveys.

Party Wall Surveys

If you are renovating your property, and these renovations impact on neighboring properties – you will need to serve notice and obtain your neighbours authorization. There are a number of works that will fall under the Party Wall Act including excavations for extensions near neighboring structures, cutting beams into a party wall as part of a loft conversion and any other developments that affect party walls. Failure to go through proper procedures could result in serious fines and penalties. Let us help you navigate this delicate area.


Immigration property inspections in London and South East England. Dilapidations.


During a lease, the tenant has an obligation to ensure that the property is maintained to a reasonable standard. Dilapidations occur when a tenant has breached their obligations affirmed in the lease. If you feel that a property has fallen into disrepair it is vital to get in touch with a chartered surveyor who will be able to independently examine the property. Our experts can act on behalf of tenants and landlords, and help in finding a resolution. Alternatively, we can act as third-party adjudicators or as experts in disputes. Get in touch to see how we can support you.

Immigration property inspections in London and South East England. Energy performance certificates.

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy performance certificates are a record which establishes the energy efficiency of your property. These certificates can only be completed by an independent assessor who will examine your home and inspect all relevant items such as boilers, radiators and windows. Understanding how efficient your home is, can have an impact on the value of your home and will also allow you to identify where you can make changes to improve on energy bills. Get in touch at MA Property Surveys Ltd if you need an experienced energy assessor.                                                                                           

Immigration property inspections in London and South East England. Drone surveys.

Drone Surveys

Recent technological advancements mean that we can increase the scope of property inspections by taking advantage of drones. Drones are excellent in accessing hard to reach areas, tall buildings and large industrial spaces. They can provide up close imagery at high resolutions so we can get a definitive picture of the property we are inspecting. The agility and speed of drones means they are often far more efficient than more conventional means of inspection. If you are looking for a thorough, extensive inspection of your property or land, a drone survey is an excellent way to achieve that.







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