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Undertaking major building work on your property is disruptive, and likely to cause some consternation in your neighbours. Conversely, if your neighbour is renovating their home, you will want to ensure that all work is carried out properly with adequate provisions made to protect your home. In either case, you will need an independent expert to ensure that all building work is carried out properly, with total respect to both properties.


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The Party Wall Act of 1996 covers all sorts of works, but generally speaking, any building project that is likely to affect the party wall (the adjoining wall between two properties) is likely to fall under the remit of this act.

If you are the person renovating your property, you will need to undertake legal searches, serve notices and obtain consent from adjoining property owners. If a dispute takes place, party wall surveyors will need to be brought in to adjudicate proceedings. As experienced party wall surveyors, we are best placed to guide you through the process so you can start renovating your property as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you are the adjoining owner it is your right to appoint a surveyor to represent your best interests. If you feel that building work is unnecessary or likely to cause damage, our team of experts have the knowledge to assess how any future work will impact on your property. Whatever the situation may be, we will always ensure that your property is secure and safe throughout proceedings.

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